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Sustainable Investing with AJF Financial Services

At AJF Financial we aim to provide our clients with the opportunity to invest more in line with their core values. To facilitate this, we apply an additional layer of screening that distinguishes investments based on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria.

Some examples of these criteria might include measurements on GHG emissions, employee safety in the workplace statistics, executive pay, and board diversity. These types of data provide investors with additional transparency into a company’s operations beyond what is found in financial statements and also serve as a guide in comparing companies to their peers within specific industries.

Sustainable Investing is grounded in the premise that all business decisions are made to encompass all stakeholders (employees, shareholders, communities, members of the supply chain, environment) and that operating in this manner is a long term value proposition. Uncovering deficiencies in areas of ESG can alert investors to uncommon risks that have the potential to impact investment performance over the long term.

Andrew Friedman earned his certification as a Sustainable Investment Professional from Concordia University, is a member of US SIF and a Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) signatory.